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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wow... KeCUTENess tupperware brand ni memaksa I membelinya. Actually, I pun dealer gak tapi leh je order melalui friend dalam FB. Sebabnya benda ni x de dalam kempen semasa.
Comel kan?!
Nak guna 1 je. Yg lain kita simpan dulu.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tips to answer Q1 Paper 2 UPSR

1. Read all the instructions carefully. (Remember, the instructions say you may use the words in the boxes to help you). 2. Look at the picture carefully. 3. Answer these questions quietly to yourself. a) Who is in the picture? b) What is going on? c) Where is the action taking place? 4. Look at the words in the boxes. 5. Do you know what these words mean? a) If you do not know the meanings of the words, DO NOT USE THEM. b) If you do know, then label each word according to its part of speech. ( N = noun, V = verb, Adj = adjective, Adv = Adverb) 6. Use the following sentences patterns to help you write your sentences about the picture: a. Sentence pattern 1 : A + N + V + PP Sentence example: The boy is sitting on the chair. b. Sentence pattern 2 : A + Adj + N + V + Adv + PP Sentence example : The small boy is sitting quietly on the chair. c. Sentence pattern 3 : A + N + V + C + V + PP Sentence example : The boy is eating and drinking at the table. d. Sentence pattern 4 : A + Adj + N + V + C + V + Adv + PP
Sentence example : The little boy is eating and drinking quietly at the table. • A = Article ( A, An, The) • C = Conjunction ( and, while, because, so…etc) Prepositional Phrase = preposition + small word + noun. A prepositional phrase consists of two parts, a preposition and an object of preposition. Example sentence: The kitten is sleeping behind the door. Behind is the preposition, and the door, is the noun that acts as an object of preposition. 7. Write your 5 sentences about the picture then re-read it to check for spelling errors or punctuations. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makaroni Bakar

Salam semua!
Two days ago I got presents from my year 6 pupils. They gave me Angry Bird key-chain. Yesterday, I got macroni from Kak Husniza. She said as a THANK U because I helped her in doing her assignment. Well... U helped me, I'll help u. Vice versa!
Then today, I got a box of fresh strawberries & straberries lollipops from my year 5 pupil.
I don't know why they gave me stuff. My birthday is in September, teacher's day is in May. Maybe as a token to say that they love me. Hehehe...
I love you all!
Thanks for loving me...!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Have Baby Bear

Hi everyone!
It's the first day of school after a week off for holiday. While I was walking down the stairs this morning, my year 6 pupils stopped me. They said "4 u tcer!". And I was like... What? Why? What for? It's not teacher's day yet and my birthday is far away from now.
They said it's for fun. They saw it at the mall and one of them suggested to buy it for me. The four of them shared their money to buy it. I'm so touched!
Thank u dear pupils!
It's the brown bear with key-chain. Can you all see it?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Teknik Menjawab Soalan BI UPSR.

Salam semua!
Semalam ada teknik menjawab soalan untuk kertas 2 Bahasa Inggeris. Kami menjemput Puan Wan Besah dari Pasir Puteh.
Mula pukul 9 - 12 tengahari.
Gambar dia lupa nak ambil sebab dok sibuk mendengar penerangan olehnya. I sempat gak sedut power point dia tu.
Katanya sekolah kami adalah yang pertama untuk tahun ni. Dia agak sibuk pada tahun ni sebab tu tak sempat bagi ceramah kat sekolah lain.
Papepun... Terima kasih pada Teacher Wan Besah for sharing the info. ;)

Tutti Fruitti time

It's ice-cream time again.
Wow..! I love ice-cream. So, sesapa yang nak make my day... Please belanja ais-krim utk I.
Enjoy the pictures.
Were taken with iPhone 4s.
Cantik kan gambar dia.
Nampak menyelerakan.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Holiday

It's one week off school.
I have to attend Kem Kecemerlangan UPSR : English this Tuesday. So I guess I still have to go to school this week. Not totally off...
Anyway, got a lot of assignment to do.
Still busy going to the hospital. My father is still there.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

To amputate or not?

Salam semua...
I'm at home. No school today. My father is in the hospital. Doc said they have to cut his leg because it's "rotten" already. They afraid the bacteria will go to his heart / lung and he'll die. :( That's why they have to do it fast. But abah still refused to cut it. He said if he die, he want to have all his body parts... In one piece. Not in pieces!
And now... We don't know what to do or say. Huhuhu.... :(
Just pray to Allah to give the best for him. He's been suffered for a long time now...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anugerah Cemerlang

Tahniah pada para pelajar yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang untuk UBB 1.
Pagi tadi masa assembly, semua murid yang mendapat tempat pertama, kedua, dan ketiga, mereka telah dianugerahkan dengan lencana berbentuk bintang yang akan diROTaTE ke murid lain pulak kalau diorang tak dpat tempat yang mereka dapat pada UBB 2 nanti.
Pada murid yang mendapat 5A pulak, mereka mendapat RM10.
Tahniah jugak. Ini sebagai hadiah galakan.
Personal gift pun tcer dah bagi kan? It's a mini book for Grammar yang berharga RM1.90. Kira ok la kan?!
Hopefully bilangan murid yang mendapat 5A akan meningkat lagi pada UbB2 nanti.
Congratz and keep up the good work my dear pupils!!!

Happy Birthday To My Twins!!

Ops... Sorry for the delay. Actually my twins were born on 27th Feb last 5 years.
I was so busy last week because my father was admitted in HRPZ , KB and my mum was not feeling well. Just wanted upload this picture.
I love u all!
Be good and genius kids!

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