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Monday, December 21, 2009

Color Me Corby

Firstly, I want to tell you all that I'm really in love with this Corby (from Samsung) and my favourite color is Yellow Jamaican because yellow is my favourite color. :) What I like most about this phone is the Touch Tastic screen with the smart unlock and online widget. For smart unlock, I can write whatever letter (we have to do the settting 1st) we want on the screen to unlock the phone. Isn't it great?! :) I like.... Hihihi... about the online widget, I can choose the widget I use most (like facebook, youtube...etc) and stick it on the main screen. Wow...good stuff there! Then we go to the photos. I love taking photos especially taking pictures of my boys and I can upload it to my blog. It's got 2 megapixels camera and it's good to snap my sons' sweet smile with it's smile shot. It's got music player, dictionary...everything you need is on the phone. The price is reasonable and affordable. You can Google it! Before end my blog entry for today.I have a poem for you. Enjoy... =P
Yellow is the new beginning,
Yellow is the color of joy,
Yellow is the color of bright sunshine,
Yellow is the color of sunflower,
Yellow is a smile from me to you,
Yellow is the color of shining , shooting star,
Some sour lemons,
Part of bread called crust,
And sparkling , fairy dust.
Yellow makes me happy,
Yellow IS my favourite color.

Yellow it the theme for our PraSekolah graduation day.

From left : Pn. Mardiana, me & Pn. Rosfarizal

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