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Sunday, June 2, 2013

9th Anniversary

Salam u all!
On the 1st June, we checked in at Banding Lakeside Inn.
Saje je. On the way back from Kedah we decided to stop there. Tapi nasib baik kami dah booked awal. Kalau tak, memang full.
The place was nice. Kami amik deluxe room. It's RM250 lake view. Luas jugak bilik dia.Got bath tub, which our sons love the most. And not forgetting the pool.
Ada banyak aktiviti boleh buat such as boating, rafting, fishing and jungle trekking. Tapi kami x buat semua tu. just singgah and balik.
Not planning to do the outdoor activitivies.
Well, enjoy the photos taken by my cabuk cam.
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