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Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper 2 Question 2 (B)

Sentences to remember...

For Price / Fee
1. It is not too expensive.
2. I feel it is worth buying.
3. The price is reasonable and affordable. It is only RM____.
4. I think it worth the price.
5. The price is reasonable and I can afford to pay for it using the money I have saved.
6. It does not leave a hole in my pocket.
7.There is a ___% discount, so I will pay less for it.
8.I think paying RM___ for the _____very reasonable.
9.Although it is expensive,it is worthwhile to buy.
10.The cost is only RM___which is quite reasonable and affordable.
11.The price is also economical and very reasonable.
12.The fee is reasonable and it is within my budget.

Made in Malaysia
1. It is made in Malaysia and it is good to support local product.
2.The _____is made in Malaysia and as a Malaysian, I should buy our own products.
3. It is made in Malaysia. I like to use things that are locally made.
4.It is a Malaysian product.We should support our country by buying local products.

Camp / Places / Course
1.My friend said it is a nice place.
2.I have never been there before.
3.It has beautiful scenery.
4.I have always wanted to go to this place.
5.I think it is a beautiful place and it would be very interesting to visit.
6.The place is just a stone throw from my house. I can walk there.
7.I am sure it would be an interesting and amazing experience for me.
8.I wold like to learn _______.
9.It is available at ___________,which is within a walking distance of my house.
10.It is an interesting and worthy package.
11.I can widen my knowledge.
12.I am free on that time.
13.__________is just a stone throw away from my house,so I think I will just go there on foot with my friends.

1.It comes in many sizes. Therefore, my mother who is a little plump can still wear it and will look attractive in it.
2.It comes in sizes from S to XXXL. Therefore, it won't be a problem for me to find the right size which fits me.
3.It is available in my favourite colour.
4. It is made from __________which is very comfortable to wear, especially in hot climate.
5.It is made from silk which is very stylish.
6. It is made from cotton which is very cooling.
7.It is the most suitable skirt for my sister.
8.It comes in three colours,including blue which is my favourite colour.
9. I like to wear sleeveless T-shirts.

Books / Movies
1.The author of this book is _______. He/ She is a famous author.
2.The book is interesting and the pictures are colourful.
3.The books published by this publisher are of good quality.
4.I was told that it is an interesting book.
5.I like comedy/romantic/horror movie.
6.I was told that it is an exciting movie.
7.My favourite actor/actress is in tis movie too.

1.I like small and cute animals.
2.It is clean and easy to look after.
3.It eats carrots/corns/grains and it is easily available.
4.I can buy it at the nearest pet shop/market.
5.Rabbit/Hamster is my favourite animal.
6.It is easy to look after since I can buy its food from the pet shop.
7.It is very friendly so I can play with it without being worried.

Food / Restaurant / Fruits
1.It is my/my brother's favourite food/fruit.
2.It is ripe and juicy.
3.It is delicious.
4.I love the taste/smell.
5.It is tastier compared to the other two.
6.It is contain vitamin C/calsium which is good for my health.
7.I like the hot and spicy/sweet taste.
8.I like to eat Indian/Chinese/Italian food.
9.We/I would like to try something different by eating Italian/Japanese food.
10.It would be nice to have something else once in a while.
11.It is a well-balanced meal and it is nutritious.
12. (Name of restaurant @ cafe)is a well-known and has an experienced chef.

1.It is reliable brand and the products are usually last longer.
2.I think it would be a perfect gift for my father/mother.
3.It is made from plastic/metal and it will last longer.
4.It also comes with a free_______and it would be useful for me/my uncle/my sister.
5.It comes in plastic packaging/cup which is very convenient.

Activities/ Hobbies/ Competitions/ Games
1.The activities are interesting and I am sure I would be able to learn many new things.
2.It offers more interesting activities.
3.I love outdoor/indoor activities.
4.The activities are ____________.I have always liked to take part in such activities.
5.Through such activities, I can make new friends and learn new skills. I become more independent.
6.These are my hobbies too.
7.I enjoy telling stories/listening to music.
8.If I win the competition,I will get_____.
9.That is the only day when I have no activities to do.
10.It is on Sunday/Saturday.This is perfect for me as they are not schooldays and I am free at that time.
11.It is the most interesting game.
12.It is an educatinal game.
13.My parents alway encourage me in singing/swimming.

1.Ot is suitable for my family.
2.It is near to the shops.It will be easy for my mother to buy her groceries.
3.It is near to the clinicsIf there is any emergency,it will not take a long time to see the doctor.
4.It is near the school.This will be easier for me to go to school.
5.It is in an housing area. There will be neighbours for me to make friends with.
6.Public transport is also available.It will be easier for us to go to toen.

Friends /Pen pal /People
1.He/She is twelve-years old,just like me. I am sure we have lots of things to talk about.
2.His/Her ambition is ______same like me.
3.We share the same hobbies/interests.
4.He/She has many good qualities.
5.HIs/Her favourite subject is English. As I am not very good in this subject,maybe I could learn from him/her to improve my knowledge/vocabulary.
6.He/She is a responsible person,so I am sure he/she will carry out his/her duties fairly.
7.He/She is a boy/girl.I can communicate better with a penpal of the same gender.
10.I hope by making friends with him/her,I would be able to learn more about his/her country.
11.i do not have any pen pal from Autralia/Singapore yet.
12.I also hope by making friends with him/her,I would be able to improve my language.

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