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Monday, March 23, 2009

Suggested Ending Q3

I've got some tips to share. These are some of the suggested ending for Question 3 in Paper 2 - English UPSR.

1) It was a wonderful experience for everyone.
2) It was an exciting and educational trip.
3) The parents were proud to have a son with a heart of gold.
4) They praised him for his quick thinking and heroic action.
5) He is a role model for his friends and sibling.
6)The children were in the cloud nine.
7)He went home happily as ge had done a good deed that day.
8)He regretted and promised not to do it again.
9)It was a fun day.
10) It was a memorable journey.

Ini hanyalah sedikit tips tapi para pelajar boleh menghafalnya dan boleh di sesuaikan mengikut cerita yang diberikan dlm soalan.

Good Luck!

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