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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodbye Andy!

 Pic was taken somewhere in April (i think...if i'm not mistaken...forgot the date already). He's doing a demo teaching in year 3 Gemilang.
Andy and me. ^-^ 
Hello everyone!
Today was the last day for Mr. Andrew Lasher (Andy - our native speaker) working here in Kelantan. He asked for transfer to another states. Dio oyak tok leh idup di Klate ni sebab sangat bosan. Almaklum la, Klate ni mano ado cinema, sopim komplek hok saiz bapok tak dok life la. Ore beso dok Korea nga USA. Mano la beso nga life kat kampung suppo nga Sungai Petai, Pasir Puteh tu. Dekpon sapo la suruh dio gi sewo sano. Even me myself pun x tahu tang mana la Sg. Petai tu....
Anyway, best of luck to you Andy and your wife (I think her name is Jisun, right?). New state (Ayer Keroh, Melaka), new faces, new place, new experience...and next year new baby! The Baby was made in Kelantan, Malaysia. Hahaha....I'm sure he/she will cute. Mix Korean & American.
Andy & Puan Norizan 
* Sorry no Jun's picture because she had a class that time.

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