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Monday, August 1, 2011

Holiday in Demong Beach Resort, Terengganu

 Salam semua.
Kali ni nak upload pics masa kami p bercuti kat Demong Beach Resort, Besut Terengganu.
Check-in : 28 July 2011
Check-out: 30 July 2011
Sebenarnya I plan nak g Sudara Beach Resort je sebab dekat. Tapi fully booked so I asked my friend, where else to go. I want somewhere near. Tcer Hafizah suggested this place. She's been there before and she said it's a nice place. So, I google to find the phone number. And, guess what? Still got room! :) Ada rejeki lagi la tu...So after picked up my hubby at his office (he's working on 28th), we drove about 1 hour and we arrived safely. You can see the room above. RM140 per night, include breakfast for 3. Kids below 5 - FREE. :)
 In front at the reception.
Nice right?
 Their cafe
 Ready to jump into the pool.
 In the pool already...
 At the beach...
And it was Alif's birthday present.
Dia cakap dah lama kita tak mandi kolam and tidur kat, we decided to have this holiday before the fasting month.
Really enjoyed and on the way back we stopped by the roadside to buy some "keropok losong" for ma tok and abah tok.

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