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Monday, September 24, 2012

Public Speaking

Today got public speaking competition at SK Badak. It's Piala Dato' Awang Adek. Me, brought Ahmad Firdaus to represent our school. We had to prepare 1 speech and one topic will be given for impromptu speech.
I don't know how he did because I was a timekeeper for zon 1. Our school was in Zon 4. But he said got no.3. Only 2 contestants were annouced to go for the grand final. So, we don't have to practice anymore because we were not selected. Hahaha... Nevermind at least he got the experience (and free plastic file and pen!). ;)
It was a tiring day for me. Got home late today. Yesterday I went to PPD TANAH MERAH for a course. Also got home late almost 6 pm!

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