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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bling Bling Eyes

Have I told you about I am having eyesight problems? I have to wear spectacles. My left power - 1.50 and my right - 1.25. Not as much as others. I am starting to realize that I can not see clearly when I am attending my lectures. I can not read the power point slides shown. So, I have decided to have my eyes checked. And booom... To my surprise, those were the results.
I think it is because I am getting old. Sedar la Jihan oi.. Tak lama lagi ko dah nak boleh daftar warga emas. Huhuhu...
The pictures below are about the new contact lenses I have bought from a website. You can click at above link (Bling bling eyes). Cheap and fast.
I bought grey color. Actually I have sensitives eyes. I had a pair of c.lenses before but can not wear those. Red eyes and running nose. Ni saje je gatai tangan nak try balik. Kalau b4 this were just for cosmetic purpose this time it is for my eye problem. The lenses got power.
Hehehe... Nati I try dulu ok ke tak. Then I will take pictures of me wearing those.

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