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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's TPD

Ehem... Jangan jelez hokey!
Ari ni I dapat hamper sebab kehadiran penuh sebanyak 50% dari 100% utk half year. Pastu ada ole-ole dari Singapore. One of our mentor bought it during his visit there. He showed us his pictures. He went to Singapore, Melaka and Thailand but he did not have time to show the picture from Thailand.
Nevermind... Maybe next TPD. Oh.. I case you did not know what is TPD... It is our native speaker program meeting at PKG BAdak in Bachok.
I presented something today there. I do not have any website to share but just sharing simple method of teaching. I just use the power point slides and played some games using picture and word cards. But it was fun.

Nota kaki: gamba tuan punyer blog tu sila abaikan sebab nampak macam makcik gebab yg entah dari mana nak ke mana. Tapi sebab ni blog I, so suka ati i la kan nak upload papepun. Kan? Kan? Kan?!

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